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 Professor Brindaban C. Ranu received his early education in Calcutta University. In graduate studies he worked with Professor Ernest Wenkert at Rice University , Houston, Texas, USA and with Professor U.R. Ghatak at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Calcutta. He then took up a postdoctoral position at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA with Professor T. Hudlicky. He started independent research at the department of Organic Chemistry, IACS in 1985 as a Lecturer and was promoted to the post of Professor in 1996 and Senior Professor in 2005. He was a visiting Professor at Universidad de Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain during 1995-96. Professor Ranu has been elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences in 1995 and Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy in 2007. He has received Prof. N. S. Narasimhan Award in Chemistry in 1993 and Chemical Research Society Bronze Medal in 2001 and Silver Medal in 2010. He received J.C. Bose National Fellowship in 2008 awarded by DST, Govt. of India. During the last few years, Professor Ranu also visited several Universities and Institutes in USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Taiwan, China, and Japan and delivered lectures. He has been invited to write reviews for various journals including Tetrahedron, Synlett, Organic Preparations and Procedure International and European Journal of Organic Chemistry. He has published more than 212 papers in journals of international repute and so far 23 students have been awarded Ph.D. degree under his supervision.

For Prospective PhD.Students: Due to lack of vacancy in my research group, additional PhD students cannnot be accomodated till further notice.

For Prospective Project Students: May be accomodated for Summer 2012 after proper selection procedure.

The Institute:

IACS is the oldest (established in 1876) institute in India devoted to the pursuitof fundamental research in the frontier areas of basic sciences. Professor C V Raman worked at IACS for many years (1907- 1933) and it is here that he discovered the celebrated Effect that bears his name and for which he was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930





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